Top brand as we consider that the product is the most important thing, to guarantee our customers the best durability for the machine we use high quality components.

Italian products
Thanks to over 60 years of experience in the Blow Molding sector and to the Italian raw material we offer the excellence Made in Italy.

Attention to detail to meet the customers needs is also thanks to the usage of high quality machine tools.

The process
The process that highlights the quality of the product and the materials without damaging them, enhances the quality of the machine itself.

Technical materials
They are inspected with great care, kept in excellent environmental conditions, treated so as not to pollute the environment and keeping the quality of the product under control.

High quality customization
Every need has it's specific request and this requires excellent attention to detail and dedicated development. This is part of our DNA.

Thanks to the 3rd gen. of All-Electric machine the quality of the machine moved in a huge decisional position.


The shape that meet the needed
The shapes is an integral part of the goodness of the machine and with a simple design for easy access.

The design that help
Support for Advanced Users Design.

The design problem stems from a need.

We build machine that follow the functional design
We build industrial machines that can work 24 hours a day and are functional for the customer's needs.

The shape is only one aspect of the design and always supports the function.

Video tutorial for the design

The good design is invisible.

The art of Blow Molding.

Experience is crucial
To offer a pleasant experience of use it is necessary to start from the analysis of human needs, abilities and behaviors, shaping around them the design and the realization of the artifacts.


Clamping system

The patented heart of the machine and that requires a consistent system.

Carriage system
With the patented system and the accumulation of energy during braking.

Customizable from the tonnage to the carriage stroke.

The safest technology – Clean, safety and no noise.

Blowpin system

The nanometer precision blower system requires consistent availability and this is one of the advantages of the technology.

The All-Electric technology
The brain of the machine that interacts between machine/human.

Intelligent machine learning.

Touch the technology

There is no secret in All-Electric technology. Everything is trackable and changeable from the screen.


Magic OS. The best UX on a Blow Molding machine.

HD display.
A better quality of the display is increasingly required to better show the information of the machine and to guarantee readability to all people.

Infinity possibilities to control the machine is a simple way.

Controlled from the Tele-service.

There is no simpler way to operate on the machine remotely, safely and at speed. Easy and fast.

Change from the screen the settings of the machine.

It has never been so easy to control the machine and be able to interact with it in the simplest way. All this thanks to the All-Electric technology and the Magic OS.

Connect the machine via internet to control it from your PC.

Now the machines have acquired this technology to be able to do extraordinary things and unpleasant actions.

The hardware that accelerate with the software your possibility.


The sensibility and care of the product is something that requires time and experience.

Each machine have a different potential. 

The quality came from the passion.

Invisible things
Sometimes what is not seen with the eyes can be perceived trough the effort that is put into work. This is the characteristic that distinguishes Magic.

Thanks to the passion the All-Electric machine exits today.

Meticulously work. What we are here for is because we want to help customers create a better tomorrow.

The magic for Magic. No matter the difficulty of the project because on all occasions we strive to find the right motivation to help customers.