Let's the numbers speak for us:


60+ years of experience
in Blow Molding machines


20+ years of experience
in All-Electric machines


Electric machines sold worldwide


Manufacturer company for EBM, ISBM and IBM machines.

Automotive & Lubricates

Jerrycan or bottles without handles, with view stripe and recycled material

Food & Beverage

Drinks or foods that require high safety standards

Ag. Chem & Canisters

Large tanks to contain chemical products or gasoline.

Personal Care & Medical

Bottles for white room, environment friendly and for the consumer


At Magic, we embrace this future development and have set out our mission to lead in Blow Molding through technology.

Think Electric
for a Better World

Magic North America is involved in providing Blow Molding machines, maintenance service and spare parts, with premium components and embracing the Industry 4.0.

◎   Machines with latest certification CE and UL
◎   World-wide patented technology
◎   Top brand quality components Made in Italy
◎   New approach for the Circular Economy

Let's Grow

Join our expert team, visit our dynamic and inclusive technology culture.



Providing a wide range of services related to the factory production lines.


We protect your machine with our latest software programs.


For all our products we offer delivery and service in the North America.


Suistanable Machine

Technology that eco-interacts with the environment


You will find our work that is the result of our long experience and research in Blow Molding market.


Quote ( With Magic's All-Electric technology, consumption has fallen drastically and saving on the maintenance cost of the machine )

Quote ( The Magic machines by design will give us more machine capacity because we can use our existing molds, heads and secondary automation )

Quote ( Thanks to the latest Magic technology on the market for EBM machines, the machine offers cycle repeatability and a better process )


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