Welcome to a world of advanced manufacturing excellence with Magic’s specialized training sessions at our Michigan facility. This unique opportunity is designed for individuals eager to master the intricacies of All-Electric Magic blow molding technology, particularly focusing on the efficient use of All-Electric machines. Our training program caters to different skill levels, offering courses like Blow Molding 101 for beginners, 201 for intermediates, and 301 for advanced learners, ensuring a tailored learning experience for every participant.

Our commitment to the North American market is unwavering, and we demonstrate this through our robust support network. This includes a well-stocked inventory of spare parts for our newest machine models, a team of skilled technicians, and our highly acclaimed training programs. These initiatives reflect our dedication to not just selling machines, but also ensuring their optimal use and longevity.

The user experience with Magic machines is unparalleled. We prioritize simplicity and efficiency, evidenced by our user-friendly interfaces. Our machines are equipped with an intuitive, multilingual program, complete with easy-to-understand instructions, vibrant images, and symbols, all designed to enable machine operators to work independently and confidently. In addition to the interactive program, we offer a comprehensive manual in both print and digital formats, providing extensive information on machine specifications, operational guidelines, and troubleshooting tips.

However, for those seeking a deeper understanding of All-Electric technology and its full capabilities, our training sessions are invaluable. Offered in-person, these sessions are conducted by Magic’s staff. They cover a wide range of topics including how to maximize product quality, achieve consistent output, save energy, and adopt an effective maintenance approach. The training also explores various operational modes and options available on our machines, ensuring a thorough grasp of their functionality.

Our North American plant, located just 30 minutes from Detroit in Michigan at 11236 C Lemen Rd, Whitmore Lake, MI, 48189, serves as the hub for these training sessions. Here, participants have the opportunity to engage hands-on with our latest generation machine, Model ME, gaining practical experience and insights.

For those interested in taking their manufacturing skills to the next level, or simply wishing to learn more about the capabilities of Magic All-Electric blow molding technology, our training program is an essential resource. To find out more about the training schedule or to book a session, please reach out to Pietro Spiga, Magic North America’s Sales & Marketing Manager. He can be contacted via email at p.spiga@magicnorthamerica.com.

Join us at Magic to embark on a journey of professional growth and technical mastery in the world of advanced blow molding technology, suitable for all levels of expertise.

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