Developing solutions to global needs is never an easy job, and it cannot be undertaken alone. In a year like no other, Magic has continued to work with a global network of colleagues, companies, and suppliers to further efforts to make our machine platform a force for our customers to always be the best in the market.

That’s why today we at Magic are introducing to the world our new high production all-electric machine, called the Model ME Imperium.


1997. Since we created the world’s first all-electric machine, we have never stop to develop and introduce new features.

Safety. Speed. Flexibility. Process consistency. Easy to use. Strength.

These are the cornerstones that have led us to create the biggest all-electric EBM machine in the world among our 54 different machine configurations.

The specifications are mind-blowing:

  • 66 US tons clamping force with Magic’s patented system.
  • 1600mm carriage stroke with Magic’s patented system.
  • Electric blowpin system with high efficiency with Magic’s patented system.
  • Production of 12 cavities mold of 1 USG or 5lt F-style containers (6 parisons head with 240mm c/d).
  • 60% less energy consumption in full production.
  • 80% less maintenance cost.


All-electric technology. Thanks to our all-electric technology patented in the world by Magic, our Model ME offers the best stability and repeatability in the market.   


Remote Support. Today, more than ever, fast, and easy service is required. Thanks to the perfect combination of technology and control system, we have developed the best solution-the possibility to connect to the machine for any technical service required by the customer. 

magicOS. An excellent machine-human interface must always support good technology. The Smart HMI with magicOS answers this question. Intuitive and straightforward, the control system originates from a long collaboration between us at Magic and Siemens, offering an experience never seen before. 


Sustainability. The coupling of circular economy and all-electric machines has seen a stronger correlation in recent years. New occupational safety and hygiene regulations have led to the reality that has been under discussion for years. The machine with all-electric technology is a step ahead of the hydraulic machines of past technology. Clean rooms, no contamination, controlled processes are nowadays the standard that must be guaranteed.