EBM machine

The ME series has been defined by customers as "the series that the market needed". A range unique in the world, without a doubt, because for each model different versions are available to meet the customer's needs, including machines with increased stroke (LS-long stroke). It is not a result that is reached by chance, but is the result of years of research, investments, application and dedication in electrical technology. Construction carried out entirely in Italy (as for all our other machines), respecting our tradition of having solid machines, compact and reliable over time, with all the refined technological concepts dictated by the Magic experience in over 60 years of activity.

The ME series is undoubtedly unique in the world and with over 15 years of research and development in electrical technology to reach up to 55 US Tons of closing force and increased strokes up to 1600 mm.

With over a dozen patents, state-of-the-art technology, intelligent and internet-connected systems, we at Magic can offer Small, Medium or Large machines depending on the request. Thanks to the precision offered by the technology (in the micrometer measurement unit) we can reach weights distributions never seen before, a stable process at each cycle, absence of contamination dictated by the machine and easy to use with the new UI between machine and operator.


All-Electric market machine trends

The market over the years and currently, is recognizing the great advantages of the Magic All-Electric machine. This technology is the result of years of experience and research and development. The advantages brought by the All-Electric technology have no end, such as 50%+ less energy consumption than the older technologies. 70% less maintenance costs and less time spent on required machine maintenance. Through Teleservice it can possible connect the machine to the internet for remote software updates.


Bottles for clean rooms, environment friendly and for the consumer.

High quality and safety for the final user. Simple to recycle.

For high durability bottles, free from contamination and resistant to the surrounding environment.


All-Electric technology

The 3rd generation of All-Electric Blow Molding machine. Develop up to 65 US Tons and 1600 mm clamping stroke.

High tonnage

Up to 65 US Tons and with 30x less energy consumption and 27% more clamping force. We can develop high tonnage with very small energy requirement.

Long stroke

Up to 1600mm carriage stroke and the Long Stroke machine can offer a lot of benefits to produce a multicavity or big jerrycan container.

Energy efficiency

Using less energy, it can appreciate the energy savings. Use less energy for a more efficient machine.


Connect the machine for a fast troubleshooting and software update. Much easier and faster as never before.

19” HD Display

Bigger means better. With the latest version of the magicOS it is possible to appreciate with a big screen what happen in the machine.