ISBM machine

A major step forward compared to our oldest hydraulic Biaxial series. A load of customer-focused technology, which brings many benefits, ranging from energy savings to equipment savings; in addition to the linear movements of preforms and bottles we have also the blowing station in two different phases. Equipment savings will mean one more major plus; it’s very well known that the cost of the moulds has a significant impact on the cost of the machine and it’s payback in production. Our machine will rely on the new system, patented, complete with movable mould carrier to allow the cavities of the blowing mould to be reduced by 50%.

Let’s be clearer: to blow 6 preforms, traditional technology would require 6 blowing cavities, with a clamping force of approximately 30-35 ton. With our machine we have only 3 blowing cavities and the required clamping force is reduced by 40%. Specially designed for customers who need production in limited volumes, our machine will allow them to blow simultaneously two differently shaped bottles, with an apparently similar preform and different neck.

The machine can be equipped with in line or 90° injection station. This groundbreaking project will allow the machines to be upgraded and many new details to be introduced.
Magic further proves to lead the way in flexibility and awareness.


All-Electric market machine trends

The market over the years and currently, is recognizing the great advantages of the Magic All-Electric machine. This technology is the result of years of experience and research and development.

The advantages brought by the All-Electric technology have no end, such as 50%+ less energy consumption than the older technologies. 70% less maintenance costs and less time spent on required machine maintenance.

Through Teleservice it can possible connect the machine to the internet for remote software updates.


Bottles for clean rooms, environment friendly and for the consumer.

High quality and safety for the final user. Simple to recycle

For high durability bottles, free from contamination and resistant to the surrounding environment


All-Electric technology

The first single stage inline All-Electric PET machine. A load of customer-focused technology, which brings many benefits.

High tonnage

Up to 27 US Tons and studied with the main goal to reduce the electrical consumption, ensuring always the maximum precision in the process.

Opening stroke

Up to 250mm opening stroke and the linear movements for preform and bottles, with electro-pneumatic movements. It is possible to produce big container up to 8lt jar.

Energy efficiency

Using less energy, it can appreciate the energy savings. Use less energy for a more efficient.


Connect the machine for a fast troubleshooting and software update. Much easier and faster as never before

19” HD Display

Bigger means better. With the latest version of the magicOS it is possible to appreciate with a big screen what happen in the machine