Magic for NPE 2024

In a display of technical expertise and innovative engineering, Magic has successfully completed the challenging task of installing, testing, dismounting, and re-installing the cutting-edge Model ME T14 extrusion blow molding (EBM) machine. This project was carried out in preparation for the NPE 2024 Plastics Show in Orlando, Florida, showcasing the company’s commitment to advancing plastic manufacturing technologies.

Installation Mastery in Michigan

The operation began at Magic North America’s facility in Michigan, where the new All-Electric EBM machine head was meticulously installed. The process required a highly skilled team of technicians who managed the complex assembly with precision and care. The installation process was not just about assembling parts; it involved a thorough understanding of mechanical, electrical, pneumatical and software systems to ensure seamless integration with existing machinery.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance

Following the installation, the machine underwent a series of rigorous tests to validate its performance and operational efficiency. This phase was crucial as it ensured that the machine would operate flawlessly during the live demonstration at NPE 2024. Testing procedures included checking for consistent product quality, verifying the machine’s energy efficiency, and ensuring safety standards were met. The machine’s performance exceeded expectations, reinforcing Magic North America’s reputation for delivering superior and reliable machinery.

Strategic Dismounting and Transportation

The next challenge was the dismounting of the machine. This step was as critical as the installation, requiring the team to carefully deconstruct the machine while preserving the integrity of all components. The dismounting process was planned meticulously to ensure that each part could be safely transported to Orlando without any damage.

Re-Installation at NPE 2024

Upon arrival in Orlando, the same team of expert technicians undertook the task of re-installing the machine at the NPE 2024 venue. This step was pivotal to ensure that everything was set up correctly and aligned with the show’s requirements.


The successful installation, testing, dismounting, and re-installation of the new head and the machine by Magic is a testament to the skill, dedication, and hard work of its technical team. This achievement not only highlights the company’s capability to handle complex logistical and technical challenges but also sets the stage for a successful exhibition at NPE 2024. Magic continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the plastics industry, proving that with a talented team and a commitment to excellence, even the most challenging projects can be executed flawlessly.

Magic is in Orlando for the NPE 2024 show. Booth: S13089

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