Because Magic has firmly believed in All-Electric since 1997, from the beginning we designed and built machines to work only with this technology, uncompromising, starting from the smallest machine “to learn about this technology”!.

Year 2000: presentation and industrialization of the EP series. It was not an hydraulic machine converted into “electric”, but a completely brand new designed series up to 10 litres!

Year 2006: we have the second generation, the “ME” series.
The following numbers are enough to understand how Magic meets the various needs of customers:

Ø  25 models (single and double station), from the smallest ME-100/D to the biggest ME T60, with clamping force up-to  650 kN;

Ø  At least 5 versions for each model;

Ø  Strokes from 180 mm to 1,600 mm for multi-cavity.
Synonymous of complete accuracy!

Horizontal movement on self-lubricating prismatic guides through rack and pinion for maximum accuracy.

Driven by brushless motor-reduction.

Variable stroke (patented), vibration-free.
It is an expensive solution, but it is reliable forever with a micrometric precision of 0,001 mm on all axes!

Ø  Adjustable speed: “fast” to perform the welding, “slow” to perform the separation of the flash.

Ø  No presence of fluids or other adjusting systems to complete the closure.

Ø  System with push of the arm directly in the centre of the plate.

Ø  No pantograph systems or pistons placed in the bottom that reduce the availability of the force.
An essential characteristic of Magic electric blow-moulding machines.

It can be made mechanically on any of the 2 tie-bars in parallel with gears located behind the carriage . Operation protected by PLC.

Thanks to its architecture, we can demonstrate and assure the perfect distribution of force over the entire surface of the plates.

This adjustment is highly appreciated by people who are making frequent mould changes, because it prevents the wear of the moulds and of course it helps to reduce the energy consumption.
We have developed and installed the state-of-the art in terms of actuators for blowpins and parison, of course “All- Electric”. For different applications we have a wide range, for example:

Ø  For the blowpins: we go up to 3.500 Kg.

Ø  For the parison control: we go up to 40.000 kg.

Obviously with All-Electric drive!
As soon as the temperature set is reached, (and this could be immediate when you use the programmable switch on),  it will automatically search for the “0” (checking all the movements at slow speed) and so, as soon as you push  the “start” button, the machine is in production!


This means less waste of material (quite sensible), less wear of the moulds and for sure other energy reduction.
One of the main advantages of the ME electric machines Magic (as in the EP series). We repeat that all movements are “full electric”.
Thanks also to the efficiency of control devices used, the adjustments are fast, accurate and reliable, and this results inreductions of cycle time, waste of materials and energy.
Vibration-free. Does not require fixing to the floor or even to be mounted on anti-vibrating pads, it only needs to be levelled.Thanks to the horizontal carriage movement, stability is one of the major talent!.
Obviously, smaller than any hydraulic or hybrid Magic machine (in some cases even if compared with some competitors).

Ø  An example is that the cabinet is very compact and it is mounted inside the machine, underneath the extruder.

Ø  The connecting cables are with quick plugs and still run inside the machine.

Ø  Video controls are built-in in the front gate.

Author’s note: We did it even better than in the previous EP series, where the electrical cabinet was outside.
The average level achieved on our machines is better than 72 Leq DbA.
On small/medium size machines it is even lower.