The series of the large ME machines is undoubtedly unique in the world, because for each model we have several versions available in order to meet customer’s needs, including machines with long-stroke (LS).
More than 15 years of research and development in the All-Electric technology in order to achieve 500 kN of clamping force and long strokes up to 1400 mm, to run for example in 16+16 cavities with 75 mm center-distance.

Entirely manufactured in our two plants (as for all our machines), confirming our tradition of having solid, and compact machines, reliable in the long run, with all sophisticated technical concepts coming from the experience made by Magic in more than 50 years of activity.

Most efficent EBM machine

“The market is stating that today there is no better, safer and more consolidated technology like Magic’s All-Electric technology in order to guarantee a stable, safe production, same to every cycle and simple to use, for the Blow Molding machine market”.

  1. Extrusion heads designed and manufactured by Magic, including the “multi-cardioid” head for very high molecular weight processing, 3-layer co-ex heads for compatible materials and co-ex heads up to 4 layers for non-compatible materials (barrier).
  2. Clamping force 100%electro mechanically operated, adjustable from 2.5 US Tons up to 65 US Tons  depending on the model (International Patent * granted for this system) combined to carriage linear movement on prismatic guides, with micro-metric adjustment (International Patent ** granted for this system).
  3. Customized solutions: several solutions available for what concerns components and options. For example, deflashing on the mould, view-stripe, bottle pick and place robot, bottle control through integrated vision system, IML and so on.

Energy saving: it is on the medium/large machines that you mostly enjoy the reduced energy consumptions compared to the installed power. There are several remarkable details in the design and manufacturing of our machines. For example: all our ME machines are equipped with a patented device to recover the electric power during the braking phases. In fact the energy accumulated in the braking phase of the motor is later regenerated and put back into the circuit. (International Patent ***).